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ESG Programme

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance standards. It represents sustainable and ethical impacts of a company’s corporate. Due to changing global climate, environment and other social factors from society, governments and corporations, more investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors (ESG) as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities.

About ESG Programme

Our ESG programmes help participants to develop solid ESG knowledge and practical skills through role play and simulations. The ESG programme offers a great chance for participants to interact with prominent industry leaders and thought leaders through specially curated visits and talks, therefore they can gain practical insights and perspectives from a number of ESG experts.

Joining our ESG Programme, you will learn…

By joining the ESG Programme offered by HKU business school, learners will gain a deeper understanding of ESG and be enabled to undergo a comprehensive analysis of climate risks, which helps support their career development and exploring the opportunities for ESG investments.


  • Internationally recognised certificate
  • Professional faculty members from HKU
  • Comprehensive curriculum about ESG investing and related international standards
  • Leading experts and scientists sharing sessions
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Programme Details

Programme Fee: HK$49,800 per participant
Venue: HKU Business School (Hong Kong)
Course structure:
  • Module1: Driving Finance for Climate Resilience: Climate Economics and Carbon Markets
  • Module2:Financing Sustainable Development: Financial Instruments and ESG Integration
  • Module3:Measuring and Reporting ESG Performance: Data, Standards and Impact
Date: To be confirmed
Target Audience:
  • Practitioners working in finance or investing
  • Senior business executives
  • Anyone looking to extend their knowledge of ESG

ESG Programme List

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Our programmes cover a variety of topics and skills that help participants to identify critical areas of the business environment, advance their career, or even get prepared for startup formation. They could gain insights into the latest business trends and knowledge, for instance, environmental, social, and governance (ESG), change management, design thinking, etc. in order to develop business acumen and discover new business opportunities.

Programme Name

HKU-Cyberport Smart Living Programme: Empowering Companies for Strategic Growth


September 2024

Programme Name

HKU iStart-up Programme
(in Chinese only)​



Programme Name

Financing the Change: ESG Investing and Climate Finance


Date to be confirmed