Our Approach


Inspire leaders to reimagine business with East – West fusion of business and management knowledge, thinking, and research

  • • Thought leadership in business and management

Drawing on close to 150 full-time faculty, from the six academic areas and seven institutes and centres focused on management and business issues.

  • • Proprietary insight on businesses in Asia

Established in 1997, the Asia Case Research Centre boasts a repository of context-rich cases relating to Asian businesses, from a vast range of industries and disciplinary areas.

  • • Interactive learning

Teaching at HKU Executive Education is in small interactive groups with a high emphasis on peer discussions and where appropriate with simulations and serious gaming.

  • • Action-oriented learning

Enables participants to experiment in groups and as individuals with the concepts taught, providing the opportunity for individual and group feedback.

  • • Experiential sessions

Many programmes incorporate guest speakers or panel discussion as well as expedition trips to leading companies to enable first-hand experience.


Lead redefines the world of business by addressing long-term business and leadership challenges with results-oriented solutions

  • • Executive Challenge

Co-create programme with executives directly responsible for performance results, equipping the teams to address ‘live’ business issues.

  • • Expert facilitators

Leveraging on HKU Business School’s extensive networks of business leaders including our practice track faculty, adjunct faculty and industry leaders, the programme involve experts in facilitation.

  • • Leadership in action

Participants learn to work effectively together, building and challenging logical argument constructions for real business challenges.


Empower leaders to make positive behavioural change through personal and high-impact development experience

  • • Assessment and profiling

Assessment and profiling can be incorporated to enhance personal performance and effectiveness. Assessments are conducted at the beginning and periodically during the learning journey to chart personal development.

  • • Executive Coaching and mentoring

Drawn from our extensive network of qualified executive coaches, programme involve executive coaches to develop the next generation of leaders. Personal leadership mentors are selected and paired with participants throughout the learning journey.

  • • Peer learning and feedback

A unique benefit of the learning journey is the incorporation of peer feedback; on-line and in-person assessments chart the development of the individual throughout the programme providing great insight for the participant and the development coach.