HKU-Cyberport Smart Living Programme: Empowering Companies for Strategic Growth

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HKU-Cyberport Smart Living Programme: Empowering Companies for Strategic Growth

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3 days (12 hours)

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The HKSAR Government published the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong 2.0 in 2020, aiming to enhance the existing city management measures and services. Smart Living, as one of the key areas of the blueprint, has developed in a rapid pace. Numerous smart living solutions emerged to revolutionize the ways people live, work and interact, covering different aspects from digital payment, elderly/disability services, healthcare, recreation, sports, leisure to culture.

Co-organized by Cyberport and HKU Business School Executive Education, this programme will equip professionals and entrepreneurial talents, particularly those working in the consumer-oriented companies specializing in smart living initiatives, with business management knowledge, strategic marketing skills and profound industry insights, helping them formulate effective branding and digital marketing strategies and enhance governance practices.

The curriculum will be taught by HKU Business School professors and entrepreneurship mentors. A dual solution combining academic and industry expertise will be proposed to solve the staged problems on the road to entrepreneurship.


Industry professionals, particularly from B2C companies, who hold responsible for devising strategies and project execution.


SMEs and interested parties can benefit from this programme by gaining a comprehensive understanding of fundamental business knowledge and practical strategies with a focus on smart living.


Module 1:

Smart Living and Value Creation - A Branding Perspective

Aiming to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and execute effective brand strategies that drive value creation in the evolving smart living industry:

  • Comprehend that smart living encompasses more than just developing intelligent products
  • Understand how to add value to the brand through case studies, and acknowledge the importance of branding for B2C companies
  • Recognize the needs and desires of various market segments

Module 2:

Governance, Law and Ethics

Gaining a greater appreciation of the role of law, regulations, and ethical behaviour for the successful expansion of smart living in Hong Kong. By looking at a series of examples and cases that highlight key areas of awareness for start-ups to understand including, but not limited to:

  • The importance of ethical decision-making with case examples of real-world ethical failures of start-ups
  • Board and corporate governance matters unique to start-ups
  • Term sheets – explaining purpose, legal terms, and negotiation of term sheets

Module 3:

Digital Marketing for Smart Living

Strengthening the knowledge on how digital marketing as a component of digital transformation can facilitate the development of smart living businesses:

  • Study the latest trends and development in digital marketing
  • Understand digital marketing as a component of digital transformation
  • Discuss various academic frameworks and their applications including targeted advertising, social media marketing, and other digital marketing strategies
  • Explore the strategic importance of Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM) and data analytics
  • Realize how cross-cultural management can affect the effectiveness of digital marketing


Mr. David S. LEE

Mr. David S. LEE

Associate Professor of Teaching
BFin (AMPB) Deputy Programme Director and Admissions Tutor
HKU Business School

Mr. David Lee teaches broadly in the areas of ethics, fintech, law, and corporate governance for the undergraduate, MBA, and other taught postgraduate degree programs. As a recipient of multiple teaching awards, he feels teaching is a wonderful privilege and enjoys being in the classroom and engaging with students. He develops case studies and teaching materials in the areas of corporate governance, decision-making, ethics, fintech, and leadership. He has received funding to explore how technology can be used to develop pedagogy and enhance learning.

Dr. Royce YUEN, J.P.

Adjunct Associate Professor
HKU Business School

Dr. Royce Yuen is synonymous with “Branding” and “Advertising” in Hong Kong. He is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of MaLogic, a MarTech company with global footprints that offers innovative business solutions by integrating brand strategies, research insights, and big data analytics. He was formerly the Chairman of Ogilvy Hong Kong and Southern China. As Chairman of the HK4As, he was acting as the spokesperson for the creative industry in Hong Kong. He is a Professor of Practice and has been lecturing MBA programs across Mainland China and Hong Kong for two decades.

Mr. Baniel CHEUNG

Adjunct Assistant Professor
HKU Business School

Mr. Baniel Cheung is the Founder and Principal Strategist of Integral Consulting Asia Limited. Being appreciated as one of the top strategists in business and digital transformation in the region, he has been providing management consultancy, strategic planning, brand building, executive training and marketing research services to international and local customers. With close to 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing, Baniel has been holding management positions in several global and Hong Kong listed technology companies, assisting them to build brands and expand business coverage in the Asia Pacific region.



Module 1Smart Living and Value Creation – A Branding Perspective6 September 2024
Module 2Governance, Law and Ethics13 September 2024
Module 3Digital Marketing for Smart Living20 September 2024


Oval Room, Smart-Space FinTech 1, 6/F, Core E, Cyberport 3


Full programme fee:

HK$18,000 per participant


Early Bird10%Registration has to be submitted before 16 August 2024.
Group15%Minimum of three participants from the same organisation registering for the programme.
HKU Alumni and Staff20%Please indicate your alumni status in your registration, and we will advise and confirm on your eligibility.

*Only one type of discount can be applied per enrollment. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, discounts or offers. In the event of a dispute, provision of the discount(s) is subject to the sole discretion and final decision of HKU Business School.


Ms. Olivia YAN 

Phone: +852 3962 1226

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