3RBusiness Leaders Series


Perspective from the Field: Sustainability and ESG


Ms.Pamela MAR,

Ms.Linda HO,

Dr.Eva CHAN,

Ms.Sammie LEUNG


Prof.Dragon TANG

3R #2

3R Business Leaders Series 


The COVID-19 crisis compelled leaders to rethink ways of working. Through a series of engaging and thought-provoking discussion, HKU Executive Education brings together the expertise of prominent scholars and thinkers, leading business and thought leaders, as well as technology evangelists from Hong Kong and beyond to exchange views and ideas on reimagining and rejuvenating businesses for resilience in a time of change. 


Perspective from the Field: Sustainability and ESG

As ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is dominating the corporate agenda, business leaders across all industries are making commitments to more sustainable business practices. Meanwhile, the financial community and investors are paying more attention to the way companies conduct and manage the businesses and protect the environment as well as interest of their stakeholders.

This panel discussion brings together leading professors in Green Finance and ESG, forerunners of ESG and Sustainability from businesses, NGO and certification bodies, consultancies and associations to exchange thoughts on:

  • How ESG resonate to customers and how investors evaluate ESG
  • Trends and development in the capital market
  • Trends and best practices in ESG communication, reporting and disclosure
  • How companies could approach material ESG issues in an agile way
  • Lessons learnt and opportunities presented in sustainable business transformation
  • A look at the future state of ESG and Sustainability in Hong Kong and China