Digital Transformation Programmes

Customised for entrepreneurs, directors and executives, our

data analytics programmes

provide up-to-date big data training. The participants have a chance to analyse real cases in different organisations, so as to understand abstract commercial concepts and business applications more effectively. They can also visit leading enterprises to learn about their operation and management strategies. Apart from

big data analysis skills

, the data analytics training programmes will also introduce business concepts such as value creation, innovation management, and digital transformation. The ultimate goal of the big data training is to help leaders to better understand the latest digital technologies and different data analysis methods. The data analytics training will cover techniques such as data acquisition and aggregation, so the participants will be able to adopt innovative big data analytics technologies and the best practices in their organisations.

Our digital transformation programmes will help participants to better understand, find opportunities and overcome challenges brought by the new digital technologies, including but not limited to big data, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, etc. By developing practical data analytics skills, they will be able to transform data into meaningful insights, identify and solve business problems, as well as improving business competitiveness in the digital era.

Programme Name

Data Scientist Programme
(in Chinese only)​


November 2024