3RBusiness Leaders Series


0 to 1: Building and Growing FinTech


Ms.Jessica LIU,

Mr.Manuel San MIGUEL

Mr.Benjamin QUINLAN,

Mr.Neil Tan


Dr.Kurt LUO

3R Business Leaders Series 


The COVID-19 crisis compelled leaders to rethink ways of working. Through a series of engaging and thought-provoking discussion, HKU Executive Education brings together the expertise of prominent scholars and thinkers, leading business and thought leaders, as well as technology evangelists from Hong Kong and beyond to exchange views and ideas on reimagining and rejuvenating businesses for resilience in a time of change. 


0 to 1: Building and Growing FinTech

From faster payments to Wealth Management Connect, Hong Kong has adopted a number of measures in recent years to bolster FinTech bona fides. Together with supportive government and regulator policies, substantial pools of private investment and rising fintech adoption rates, the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong is becoming a magnet for start-ups and scale-up companies. 

For many aspiring entrepreneurs and FinTech enthusiasts, whether it’s starting and growing a FinTech startup or managing a FinTech projects or initiatives within an established organization, can be exciting but challenging.

This panel discussion brings together accomplished FinTech entrepreneurs, academics, and consultants to exchange thoughts on:​​

  • The entrepreneurial journey of building and growing a FinTech venture, and lessons learnt;
  • Resources and support within the ecosystem that are readily available for aspiring entrepreneurs and companies.