Women's Directorship Programme 2022 Session 1

HKU & Meraki Team Bio

Module 1 (19-20 May): The Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members

Pre-reading materials

Background Readings (required):

Case (required):

Reference Readings (optional background readings):

(solely for reference, no need to print out as it is over 100 pages long)

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Module 3 ( 17-18 Jun) : Persuasive Communication and Conflict Resolutions

Pre-reading materials:

As part of our work together we will be identifying your strengths, specifically as they relate to your role as an INED. The ‘Strengths Finder Workbook’ will help guide your thinking. Please complete this before coming to the first session on June 17 as we will be focusing on your strengths early in the session.

Presentation Slides: